Day 3 Race Report: A solid day all around with some misfires (430 km)

Kuantan to Cameron Highlands. 430 kms

Another gorgeous day to be out and about racing with a collection of uber cool Classics through the jungles of Malaysia leading then to a mountain range involving a 76km alpine climb. Ended at the hill station and tea plantation town of Cameron Highlands aka the Darjeeling of Malaysia.

IMG_1627Bharatpt D5 Car did great this morning.. while we promised ourselves to “preserve the car”, we (I) was still reeling from the 15 place drop from 10th overall to 25th and decided to see what the baby can do in the first segment of the day. Pushed hard and within 2 hours we were able to pass all but five of the 25 ahead of us. Decided then to “coast” for the rest of the day and after a reasonable plantation run we moved up four places and are now 20 overall.

The heavily rutted Plantation run also tested the heck out of our underside kick plate and reminded us why 4mm thick steel plate under the car needs to be replaced by at least a 10mm thick steel sheet if we want the car to stay in one piece.Will be posting video of Avi’s impressive run through the plantation.

Checked into the scenic hotel in Cameron Highlands and made some repairs to the car IMG_1634cameron_2to fix the misfiring (replaced spark plugs, tuned ignition coil) and to remove the sequel in the wheel (mud in the brake drum from the mishap). Great support from the ERA mechanics on the nuances of the car.

Going to bed now as it was yet another demaIMG_1628nding day of racing.. Another 440km day awaits us tomorrow through the Kelantan River valley. Can’t wait..

PS: Also learned that the couple in the Bentley that flipped over were in Singapore getting operated and will be ready to go home after 10 days post surgery.  Saw another classic car go off the road in a deep ditch.. occupants were ok.