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Day 20: A Time Travel machine called Burma

After three years of planning and anticipation we finally crossed over into Burma on Day 20. Simply put, Burma is an anthropologist’s heaven. It is a time-trapped cocoon of ancient customs and civilizations. Check out the end of this section for a quick history on the country. With the recent changes within Myanmar, our event […]

Day 13: Testing the limits of man and machine

Kanchanaburi to Phetchabun. 525 kms Is there such a thing as developing resistance to Imodium? We know people develop antibiotic resistance but diaherral medicine?. I suspect Avi and I may be on the verge of it. More on that in a few but first a few words on the race and on the state of […]

Day 12 Race Report: Hellfire!!

Today was the toughest race day of them all. It was the most demanding of test for both car and driver. We started off on a rather somber note with a visit to Hellfire Pass Museum a WWII historical site focused on the Japanese attempt at building the railway line from Malaysia to Thailand and […]

Day 11: Visions of Lady Gaga in a Thai Farmers’ Market

Having finished the longest day of the race to date (558 km) and completing couple of very fast sessions, Avi and I were headed back to the hotel a little past 4pm. Typical to our “Road Runner” mode (nick name given to Team Saxena by the other contestants), we were zipping by other cars when […]

Day 8 and Day 9: Phucket we said

Trang to Khao Lak. 463 kms It was one of the more busy days as the route headed for Khao Lak on the island of Phucket. Our first stop was coffee at the cleverly named “Cabbages & Condoms” cafe, where the story goes the owner of the café used to back in the day go […]